NEW....NEW...New Stemless Wine Glasses
So excited to display our newest creations. Stemless wine glasses with various Southwestern Designs. These will be perfect for your Holiday Parties or as Hostess Gifts for your friends.
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As Seen On TV3
Yes...that was Fabulous Glass featured on TV3 in Arizona.
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Thanks to everyone who has helped in our success. During the off-season, I have found some new 'recyclers' who keep me very busy. THANKS TO ALL!!
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Web Site Success
Whaaa-Hooo The new web site has been a big hit. Checkout all the new features and options.
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A Nationwide Television Segment - Craft Room CRASH!
Craft Room CRASH with TV and Radio Personality Jane Monzures-Clauss visited Fabulous Glass and taped a segment on how we make our Cheese Trays from Recycled Bottles.
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Hello 2023!!!  May this year be another one to Recycle and Reuse.  Welcome to my web site.  If you are a returning customer I hope you find our improvements have made it simple for you to find what you are looking for and easier for you to navigate.  If you are a new customer you can quickly search through the entire site and learn everything about our recycled products, and remember SAVE THE BOTTLES.

FABULOUS GLASS Cheese Tray products are created from rescued and recycled wine and alcohol bottles.  The bottles are collected from environmentally friendly neighborhood restaurants and also from my friends who drink. They are individually hand washed, the labels are removed and then they are melted in a kiln

 at 1450 degrees for about 24 hours until they are flattened and cooled. The trays are amazingly unique and each one seems to melt just a little bit differently based on the weight and shape of the bottle.  I hand-etch various designs on each one with a sand-blast technique.  This creates a food-safe tray with no Chemicals or Labels to contend with.  They are cleaned again and hand-tied with raffia and small decorations.  They are used for Cheese Trays, Appetizer Plates and Serving Dishes.  The top of the bottle is held open during the melting process so you can insert Cheese Spreaders or toothpicks in the neck of the bottle when serving.  You can use them as a Cutting Board without a worry of scratching them.

The permanent etching is completely food-safe and the tray looks beautiful on your countertops, on a plate-stand or hanging on a wall between uses.  Each one-of-a-kind tray or bowl is as unique as the wine or alcohol it once held.  They make perfect Wedding, Anniversary, Birthday or Holiday gifts and great conversation pieces at your next Wine & Cheese or Martini Party. Some bottles are shaped into a bowl form and used for salsa & dip dishes, spoon rests, also for chips, crackers, olives or limes.  The uses are LIMITLESS!!!

And now....Stemless Wine Glasses!  I am excited to introduce our newest product....Hand-etched Southwest design Stemless Wine Glasses.  They are so fashionable this year.  You can find them in many places but none are as unique as the Southwest designs you will find here.  The hand-etched glasses are perfect for gifts for your family and friends as well as any time you would like to entertain at home.  You can order them here on the website or from the prestigious Arizona Highways Magazine 2020 Holiday Gift Catalog.

If you have attended a recent Art Festival and do not see a design on this site that I had at the show, please contact me and I will be happy to make one for you.  I will try to keep this web site current with ALL the newest designs and items available.  I have lots of inventory, but I am at the mercy of those who recycle to me.  Thank you, to ALL of them!

I have been so blessed to meet many exciting and interesting people through this little venture of mine.  My repeat customers often return with an armful of empty bottles in their own recycling effort. Many of you have made me laugh at family 'stories' and a few have lead me to even more success with design ideas and by opening new doors for increased business.  Because of these wonderful customers (and you know who you are...) my life has been enriched;  I have been invited to special events, been able to participate in local charitable auctions and have even been featured on TV!!!  I am truly enjoying a wonderful retirement!  I thank everyone who has made this possible.

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