Headline: THANKS
Date: 01/24/2022
Details: A day doesn't go by without the thought of those who have given their constant support and encouragement.  First, to Lynne Anderson, at the Olive Garden Restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona.  She and her wonderful staff are recycling 'warriors', without whom I would be lost.  The Macaroni Grill restaurants have been environmental-friendly for years and really are committed to helping in any way possible.  To my friends, Sherry Tewhill, Pat Parkinson, Laurie Grimsley and family members, Joy, Bryan & Kate Bruning, Terry & Mark Kochenderfer who fill in the gaps with unusual bottles from time to time.  Special thanks to Jason McClure, who supplied the first Grey Goose bottles after seeing me on TV.  Also to Jennifer and Sherry Tewhill, who without their 'assistance' I would have no Champagne bottles.  To Steve, of C&S Software;  he has made this web site a dream come true.  If anyone needs a Web Master, call on Steve.  He is the BEST!     A "Special Thanks" to Ed St Clair, who provides the detailed and beautiful Military Stencils that have been so successful.......Also to my Combat Marine, who gave me the idea to carry them.

And finally, my husband Terry, who has always believed I was better than I was.  His support and encouragement keeps me going.  He is also the best "Vice President in Charge of Production" that any small business could ever hope for.
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